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Soldotna, AK

177 N. Birch St., Soldotna, AK, 99669, US



Community Event Signs

Online Registry

The City of Soldotna now allows for the placement of community event signs at two highway locations. One sign is permitted at each location. Prior to placing a sign, you must read and acknowledge the City standards and complete the online sign registration. It should only take a few minutes, and there is no fee to register your event sign. Upon completion, you will receive verification that your sign is registered and that your sign may be displayed.

Acknowledgements and Terms of Agreement

  • I agree to place signs only within the designated areas for community events meeting the following definition:

“Community event” means an activity or function hosted by the City of Soldotna, a non-profit or other legal entity that is open to the public and is conducted once or at infrequent occurrences of limited duration that provides the general public with leisure and social opportunities beyond everyday experiences. Events are distinct and organized programs usually of sporting, cultural, community or special interest group significance. Examples of events include, but are not limited to, fairs, concerts, festivals, walking/running events, markets, rodeos and charitable fundraising events, but does not include political or election advertising or events.

  • I agree to not place commercial signage within public rights-of-way, including signs which promote or advertise real estate, businesses, garage sales, or other commercial activities.

  • I agree to only place community event signage within the following two designated areas:

  • I agree that my sign(s) will meet the following standards:
    • Be a sandwich board not exceeding 6 square feet in size per sign face, and 12 square feet total;
    • Not exceed 4 feet in height;
    • Not have more than one sign per location;
    • Be placed no sooner than 3 days prior to the event, and be removed no later than 24 hours after the event;
    • Be constructed to present a finished appearance. Sign lettering shall be professional applied, or have the appearance of such. Spray painted signs, cardboard signs, and other non-rigid and non-weather resistant signs are prohibited;
    • Not be illuminated; and
    • Not be placed in a way that may create a traffic hazard.

  • I acknowledge that signs that are installed within the right-of-way that do not meet the standards set by the City of Soldotna’s ordinances and policies may be removed by the City without notice. If the sign is not reclaimed within thirty (30) days, it shall be presumed to have been abandoned and the Administrative Official may declare it to be City property. The sign may be used or summarily disposed of without notice.

Contact the Planning Department at 907-262-9107 or if you have any questions.
Please check that you agree before continuing.
By continuing, I agree and acknowledge these terms.
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